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Gabriella Standing Doll by Minikane


The Minikane family is growing again and presents you with a the Big Sisters of the Minikane dolls. Only slightly larger (3cm) and dressed in a trendy jersey, they are offered for the first time in a highly gift-able natural cardboard box. Charlie is a 37cm Standing Doll.

She also fits in our DollNests!

We are so excited to share these exclusively distributed, expertly crafted Paola Reina/Minikane dolls. 

There are many reasons why I feel these dolls are so special. Not only are they made with the highest quality materials and level of craftsmanship, they were carefully designed to mirror the real world in which we live. This is an excellent teaching tool for anatomical and cultural questions that arise as our children grow.

We live in a world that is brilliantly diverse; Minikane dolls elegantly reflect this and can have a powerful effect on how your child sees the world.

Dolls can help children learn social skills and develop empathy. They can also be used to help educate children about body knowledge and role play social situations. All this makes dolls a great toy for children of any gender! 

"Children see magic because they look for it."

  • made in Spain
  • 34cm/13" long
  • arms, legs, and head are movable
  • phthalate-free
  • light vanilla scent
  • for children age 3 and older

Please Note: These anatomically correct dolls come au natural in their birthday suits, but we offer a wide range of beautifully handcrafted clothing especially for them. Please visit our Doll Accessory page to browse.

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